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Why Skylights
The simple, yet enchanting addition of a skylight will impact a room in a way no other redesign or renovation can. Look below to discover more about our home transforming products.

Why Skylights?

Uncover information about how much a skylight and its installation costs, what to expect during installation, and what skylight goes best in every room of your home by visiting whyskylights.com.

The No Leak Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight

The No Leak Solar Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight is the most revolutionary skylight on the market. Because it's solar powered no wiring is needed to open it up and let all that fresh air into your home. Plus, thanks to a 30% federal tax credit, you could be eligible to save $850 on average. For information go to www.veluxusa.com/taxcredits.

Energy efficiency

Skylights do so much more than provide free natural light. Skylights are energy contributors to the home. Placed at strategic locations they allow for solar heat gain and optimum natural ventilation. The combined effect of these two factors can be enhanced with blackout blinds or light filtering blinds that provide a flexible home envelope to keep heat in on cold winter nights and out in summer.


Skylight blinds are a great way to control the light and heat that enters a room through your skylight. And they now come in more than 85 styles and colors to choose from that are factory matched to fit your VELUX skylight and your room perfectly. And our solar blinds qualify for a 30% federal tax credit.
For more information visit veluxusa.com/blinds.

SUN TUNNEL™ skylights

SUN TUNNEL skylights are easily installed and are a smart way to brighten any space with energy-efficient natural light. Depending on your lighting needs and the configuration of your home, we offer a variety of systems designed to capture daylight from all angles.


The No Leak Skylight carries a 10-year installation warranty plus 20-years on glass, 10-years on product, and 5-years on blinds and controls.